Arty wall at the Crocus Cafe. Nottingham

Have just sent off to the printers, the final version of the Nottingham Green Festival Flyer / poster design.

Please print it out, share, tell your friends etc …… oh, and of course do come along yourselves, you’re invited.



A recent set of pictures from my Instagram account. Deliberately delivered at a fast pace so you don’t get to dwell on any picture, but just to get an overall ‘impression’. Enjoy

Show prepared for presentation “Tell me something I don’t know” at the Primary Studios, Nottingham.
180 pictures 5sec change 15mins


Now a ‘Certified Representative’ of the National Union of Journalists, having completed stages 1, 2 & 3 of their training courses.

New on my Pinterest: Photos : 19198586_10154666916771966_1700666498_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 405 × 720 pixels) #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here:

New on my Pinterest: Photos : #KEYWORDS #Hashtags You can see it here: