I am a photographer with a special interest in social documentary, commenting on lifestyles of youth sub-cultures. I have developed visual awareness and a sense of graphic design that I have applied in a variety of projects. With the convergence of photographic and computer technologies, my interests have grown to include many aspects of `electronic publishing’.



July 1993. BA (Hons) Photography

July 1993 LRPS Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

(professional qualification)

Dec 1995 University Certificate in Information and Resource Management

Feb 1998 University Certificate in Information Technology (Distinction)



Photographer Lens based, digital and audio-visual, photo-library.

Computer `literate’ DTP and image, Internet, WP and Spreadsheets.

Inter-Personal Relations Self – Employment.

Teamworking Collaboration with Media, Solicitors,

Publishers, Local Authorities, Voluntary Groups.



· Connected to Internet: produced and maintain own WWW & WAP pages.

· Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint)

· Graphics and layout packages including PageMaker, Quark and Illustrator.

· Experience of photo-manipulation packages such as Adobe PhotoShop

· Own computer workstation, a PC with A3 Inkjet.



· Wrote and maintain `web-pages’ to display some of my work and to make observations on issues and discuss some of my concerns.

· Built a body of work that has been widely applied by the media and others doing research. Publications have included: The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesmen and Society, Sounds, i-D Magazine, Roof (Shelters housing Magazine)

· Maintain black + white and colour slide library with over 70,000 images on file. I am now advanced my work to include a substantial use of digital imaging.

· Produced illustrated lectures to educational establishments

· Provided record and evidence work for solicitors. Also, some “retained” press work for local newspapers.

· Published a photo-book entitled:- “Stonehenge”. ISBN: 095124960 6. Photographed, originated text, layout and made printer-ready copy. 8,000 printed and sold in two editions.

· Produced a multi-projector show, drawn from my library on related subjects titled “One Eye on the Road”.

· Also, I assist in maintaining a local newswire to the East Midlands, part of the Indymedia global network.

· Won a competition at degree show sponsored by Kodak and Colourbase of Nottingham.



1986 – >> Photographer

1980 – 1986 Administrative and field work for “Release”, an organisation concerned with the provision of medical and advice services to outdoor events.

1975 – 1980 Accident Ambulanceman in the London Ambulance Service. `Front line’ work in West London. Qualified for N.H.S. Para-medic certificate.

1970 – 1972 Gained 9 `O’ levels and 2 `A’ levels.



I consulted and supplied work to the `Street Style’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in 1993. My photography helped inform the base research on various sections, of the life-styles described. A book also titled Street Style (Pub: Thames and Hudson), accompanied the exhibition. I have provided a projection installation piece at this and similarly related exhibitions and events.

Have been exhibited in a number of private and civic galleries. Mainly however, I have been far more interested in showing work at ‘live performance’. I have scripted and run a multi-projector slide-show. Suitable for display at a wide range of events from music events, and festivals to providing installation pieces in conference and office-based setups.



I have consulted and contributed to a number of television programmes on various related issues, the most recent of which include:

· ‘Travellers’ Timeshift film from BBC4 25 Feb 2005

· `Surveillance Society’· Film by team from BBC2 3 March 1997

· `Heritage’ Film by team from BBC2 (Southampton) 11 Jan 1993

· `Operation Solstice’ Film made by Gareth Morris for Channel 4 7 Nov 1991



Trustee on the Management Committees of a number of charities involved with youth issues, welfare and advice. Am an avid reader and maintain a library of work on issues surrounding my concerns.

For relaxation, I greatly enjoy walking, cycling and taking photographs in Wales and the Peak District.

I have a full driving licence.




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