I have some pictures in this show at the National Justice Museum.

Nttm People Fighting for Justice

A new exhibition celebrating civil rights

Journey to Justice is a new exhibition exploring human rights movements and celebrating those people who have stood up to make a change.

As well as stories from the US civil rights movement, the exhibition features a number of local and regional stories.

These include the story of a Nottingham lace manufacturer who fought for the abolition of slavery and pioneered advances in workers’ rights, plus Nottingham’s involvement in gay rights activism in the 1960’s.

The exhibition will also highlight campaigns to kick out discrimination in sport and will highlight issues of inequality that still exist today. It will feature the story of Viv Anderson who was the first black footballer to represent England in a full senior match and was also an integral part of Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest team that went on to win two European Cups.

In addition, you can explore struggles against poverty and acts of activism plus murals, art and poetry that have been used to express feelings of social injustice and as a call for change.

Come and see how ‘people like us’ can lead positive change for social justice.


Sat 1 Apr – Fri 16 Jun 2017

Please go and see. It’s free.