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I have contributed to a number of television programmes on various issues, including:
Modern Age of Coach Travel          Producer Andy Mosse. BBC Bristol / BBC Four              Jan 2011
New Age Travellers                        Film by Timeshift for BBC4                                           Oct 2004
Surveillance Society                        `The Sci-files’ series  BBC2                                           Mar 1997
Heritage                                         Film by team from BBC2 (Southampton)                        Jan  1993
Operation Solstice                          Film by Gareth Morris for Channel 4                               Nov  1991
Spirit of Albion                               Film by Richard Philpots for Channel 4                           June 1987
An Englishman’s Right                    Film on traveller issues BBC1 (Bristol)                            Sept 1986
May the Force be with you             Film by Bob Long for Channel 4                                     July 1986
Items on Traveller issues                 Newsnight  BBC2                                                          1985 – 1996
Trashed                                         `Open Space’ production (community prog)  BBC2          July 1985
News & Magazines
Pictures have been used, on various issues, in the following publications:
Guardian                                                     Sounds                                     DJ Magazine
Independent                                                i-D Magazine                            Mix-Mag
Geographical Magazine                                 Squall                                      
Roof (Shelters housing Magazine)                 Big Issue                                  New Statesmen and Society
Additionally, I have supplied work to a number of local newspapers and more specialist magazines.
Festival Eye                           Work showing many aspects of festivals and the travelling
                                             lifestyle. Also concerned with the editorial content of this
                                             magazine.   I helped in its establishment.                             1986 – 1994
Festival Welfare Services         Annual Reports                                                                 1981 – 1990
Indymedia UK
Many one-off submissions