April 2014

A performance in front of my scary police work

The Atrium, Bonington Building, Nottingham Trent University NTU


Police Action Big Prints in the Atrium at Nottingham Trent University
These were made using the ’tiling’ function and then outputted from a photocopier at A3 size.
Part of a project for my MA.
Video shot using Nikon D300s

I added some more to the walls of horror exhibition today. Smaller sizes this time, just checking out what worksImage

Work in the Atrium of the Bonington Building @ Nottingham Trent University. A set for my MA tutorial on trying to be scary. Both by content and doin’ it large ….


from 1st – 10th April 2014

6×6 A3 size ’tile’ printed onto 160gm photocopy paper.

Public order policing has led to a vast increase in surveillance, which I why I made this selection.










“Modern intelligence-led policing is a fully-fledged business model that collects large volumes of data from various sources, and carries out sophisticated network analysis. It creates personal profiles, maps networks, associations and connections, and predicts how individuals and groups will act. This does not aim merely to detect, investigate and prosecute offences, but to prevent unwanted events and activities from occurring in the first place. Disruption and deterrence sit at the heart of ‘intelligence-led’ policing.”



If you have nothing to hide
…… you have nothing to fear.

Yea right !!!


I had originally put pictures up in the Atrium firstly, to get an appreciation of work this size in the space. Also, to examine the appearance and size of the half-tone dots and to be available for criticism in the tutorial with Katja today. I was originally planning to take it down directly after this.

However, I noticed quite a number of people checking it out and had a fair few complimentary comments. Having also advertised it on photography and other facebook groups I noted a number of favourable comments and email.

With this in mind, I approached the Gallery Manager who offered me the space until the next show on the 10th April. The school administration made the booking officially. I am grateful for the opportunity to display in such a central location within the university.