January 2014

Photography // New exhibition featuring Tom Hunter celebrates 90′s festival spirit and life on the road

Andrew Gaston, Czechno low res

A new exhibition at London College of Communication, featuring photographers Tom Hunter and Dave Fawcett, and filmmaker Andrew Gaston, conjures the countercultural spirit of young travelling communities in the 1990’s.

Opening on Wednesday 5 February 2014, Life on the Road captures a remarkable moment in time, in the 1990s, when young people travelled around Europe in a variety of vehicles adapted as homes, forming transitory communities based around festivals, music and a shared rejection of the increasingly consumerist values of Western society.

Travelling in decommissioned buses and vans, these new explorers constructed a vision of a kind of utopia, which is now embedded in our collective memory of the 1990s. From Hunter’s documentary of everyday life on the road, to Fawcett’s meticulous record of traveller buses, and Gaston’s elegiac footage of parties, this exhibition, which is an integral part of LCC Green Week, is both celebration and memorial.

‘Life on the Road’
Opening Party: Wednesday 5 February 2014 6–9pm
Exhibition Open: 6 – 26 February 2014, 10am – 5pm (closed Sunday)
Venue: Upper Street Gallery, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle SE1 6SB

At the Opening Party Tom Hunter will be signing copies of his book Le Crowbar published by Here Press. Copies of Dave Fawcett’s publication Traveller Homes will also be on sale. 

Win a copy of Tom Hunter’s book Le Crowbar and more in our Instagram competition starting on Friday. Follow @LCCLondon for more details.

Just messing and testing really………

Go-Pro and Tablet

Allotment from a pole 1

Allotment from a pole 2

Borrowed a Go-Pro Hero 3 from uni. So, having got it paired to my tablet, I stuck the Go-Pro on a very long pole and stuck it up in the air. Looking on the tablet, could see how to twizzle it about to frame up.

Recorded at 1080 and 24FPS

Allotment gopro 1

Allotment gopro 2

This last month, there has been another spate of photographers getting interfered with by the police. It is not only thuggery on their part but also their ingorance about the law. I had prepared this humungus advice page wot coverers it.

In spite of assorted agreements with the police, officers continue to be obstructive to photogaphy in the street.

Although the trend of photographers getting hassle go’s up and down over time, It has always been thus!

The object of this page is to strengthen your knowledge regarding issues surrounding photography, both in ‘actions’ and subjects in a public place. In situations whether your photographing an action / demonstration, or people and buildings in the High Street …. it has become quite problematic and increasingly so. I think 4 main issues have a bearing here.

Policeman and assorted officers don’t want to be photographed, it might show some wrong-doing.
People involved in direct action, a photograph might be evidence against an individual breaking the law.
The notion that some believe people have a right of privacy in a public place.
The threat of terrorism and a photographer might be conducting ‘hostile reconissence’.

more > http://nottingham.indymedia.org/articles/2189

also….. check out this explatory video

Video explaining rights to photograph in a public space

…. and the continued difficult of authority to understand this!

The plot ….. on a winters day

MA Photography Powerpoint Presentation