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“Culture is a sauce”

Arbor Familiae

“People say America is a melting pot. But I think of it more like a stew. All the different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds come together and swim around in a common pot. In a stew, you can still see and taste the individual ingredients, but the sauce is a combination of all of them blended together.

Our American culture is a sauce that is formed by all the different immigrant ingredients that have been thrown into the pot over the years and centuries. But we can also see the different cultures and backgrounds reflected in specific ways in America; we can trace some of the tastes that we find in the stew to the ingredients that are still visible today.

Each of us individually is a result of a mixture of backgrounds too. Some of us are more homogeneous than others. Most of us are mutts.”

The Brethren

While filming a routine stop and search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma suddenly found herself detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest.

Act of Terror tells the story of her fight to bring the police to justice and prevent this happening to anyone else, ever again.

It is easy to forget about the 2005 Terrorism Act and its damaging effect on civil liberties and human rights. Act Of Terror puts the spotlight back on this murky law, and demands that we keep vigilant in the face of ever increasing state power.

An animated journey through the labyrinthine world of English Justice, the sinister caveats of Terrorism legislation, and the shocking cronyism of the police complaints system, Act Of Terror is about strength in the face of powerlessness and finding the courage to fight back.

Incredible perspective – Tommy Xiao makes perfect use of his Photocopter !!!
see the city through tommy’s eyes

Shot by Tommy Xiao Ji & Ayesha Jones +