June 2013

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My new allotment on StAnns

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Instagram Video ….. 15 Seconds of my allotment

Have just taken on an Allotment on the St.Anns Plots

This is a video of the plot, before I’ve done anything to it.  Lots of strimming and digging need to follow. Hope also to build a bender for ‘hanging out!!’

Also …..

STAA videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/stannsAllotments/videos

STAA  http://www.staa-allotments.org.uk

Map:    http://tinyurl.com/olkfs3y


EcoWorks: http://www.ecoworks.org.uk


this that and the other



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nothing to add really ……. splendid!

This is a first stab at timelapse video …… using lapseIT android app on my phone


PS. Check out this embed code for youtube vids … on wordpress