August 2012

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VW Beetle Mission : heading out of Nottingham

Friend Nick has just renovated this beetle. Passed MOT etc. So he wanted to take us out for a spin with the roof down. Out from Nottingham and around the countryside for a bit.


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‘Spannered’ : A book from

‘Spannered’ tells the story of one huge party weekend in 90’s Bristol, dragging the reader from squatted warehouses to dodgy pubs, confused front-rooms and everywhere in-between. It’s a story about being part of a crew, about friendship and dancing, and about the power of music to move us on a fundamental level.

There are 12 exclusive B&W illustrations from Bristol street and fine artists, and it is available in paperback or ebook formats.

It’s been described as:

“A vivid and lucid account of the urban squat party experience from the inside… this is the real deal… Like a pumped up and glorious U.K. version of Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’… At times hilarious, occasionally scary, this little novella captures succinctly the feelings of spirited rebelliousness, euphoric tenderness, and crazed abandon of the underground party scene” (Chris Liberator),

“…an intense and accurate portrayal of the free party scene in the UK in the mid-90’s and contains some of the best depictions of raves that I’ve ever read…” (,


“…Its evocative descriptions will echo with anybody who has been to free parties anywhere or anytime then or since. It’s all there – the highs, the lows, the intense friendships, the casualties, the transformation of some derelict zone into a temporary playground. And of course the music…” (

You can find sample chapters, examples of the twelve B&W illustrations, and more at, and you can buy it from a range of radical bookshops ( or direct from the publishers (