Friday 18th – Sat 19th February Nottingham City Centre

‘Light Night’ performance, projections, installations and events
At various place around town, St. Peters Gate, Market Square, Castle ,Hockley etc. there was a range of performance, street arts, lights & projections, installations and stuff going on.

Councillor David Trimble Said: “The event was a huge success and attracted thousands of people who created a great carnival atmosphere. It was pleasing to see families and visitors enjoying themselves as they discovered different attractions across the city that they perhaps never knew existed.”

It’s a shame though that things were to stop too early in the evening.  Think it would have been great to have been out to the pub or club, and see some of this going on much later.

My personal favorites of the night
The Dukes Box
The Sonic Manipulator
and … another couple of videos of these acts