10.00am and all back in court yet again. Sitting in Nottingham Crown Court, His Honour Judge Teare reminded the jury that although the press was full over the weekend, of the progress [or lack of it], of the talks taking place in Cancún climate summit in Mexico, they were to discount all of it.  He says the verdict they reach is to be on the evidence introduced here, during this trial.

Today was much of a re-run of friday.  The jury retired at 10.22am. Then, at 12.33 pm the court reconvened to answer a further jury question concerning the burden of proof. As with all trials, the judge reiterated that it is the duty of the prosecution to make the jury sure that the defendants were unreasonable in their actions, rather than the duty of the defence to make the jury sure that they were reasonable.

In common with the defendants, a few of us hopped from one foot to the other, just hoping. Then, at 3.46pm this afternoon the jury came back into the court room, looking tired, and passed another note to the judge asking to go home for the day.

Before they left, the judge said that he would now accept a majority verdict – this means that he will accept a verdict that 10 or more jurors are agreed on.

Adding friday and today, the jury will have now had some 10 hours of deliberations.

The case continues more  …… onwards.

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** Waiting for the jury to decide the matter means more time, wondering and waiting. As before, I would like to offer my very best wishes to all involved in this enterprise and wish all the very best of luck in receiving the just outcome you deserve.  Tash xx