Continuing from yesterday, Barrister for the prosecution, Miss Felicity Gerry continued to hack her way in reading through the significant sized list of papers, maps, equipment and property. Laying out the sophistication of the plans.


We now got to the technical kit including
3x walkie-talkie radios [460hz] with approx. 3km range
Camcorders and batteries
A microwave transmitter. [Police experts suggesting that this equipment was for a directional video ‘downlink’.  The signal to be able to be received at a distance in line-of-sight. A compass was also listed, used to assist in this process.]
Assorted digital cameras
Laptop computers found secreted in various rooms within the school.
A ‘dongle’ to enable an internet connection.  The judge helpfully unplugged and held his dongle up for the jury to see!

{Yesterday, a bit of a chuckle went round the court, when the judge gave a short weather forecast; as there was concern about the bad weather today.  Pointing out that that he was the only one in court allowed to google!! }

Taken together with the equipment and preparation listing from yesterday, the prosecution’s comments have unveiled the extent of the 114’s safety measures. For example using gas detectors, respiratory protection, ear protection, as well as first aid kits. These details demonstrate the hard work and planning that went into an action that the prosecution have been trying to portray as ‘a bit of a laugh’.

On now to catering matters. There was fair amount of equipment found there, not belonging to the school. Miss Gerry introduces documents that mention ‘Veggies’ [yet again] and an order to supply 120 people over a week. Noted “don’t tell anyone about it” There is another paper presented quoting “At Veggies, we like a challenge” 

A while was now spent on a description of fingerprint evidence.  This was presented such to describe the positioning of the defendants dabs that had been found on assorted papers and folders and phones..

Miss Gerry now moves onto the positions and circumstances of the arrests made on the morning of the 13th April 2009 at the Iona School, Sneinton, Nottingham.  All 20 defendants were arrested cautioned and mostly remained silent.  They were taken to a variety of police stations across the region.

Although there would have been taped interviews, none were played in court.

She read to the jury, the words of the police caution:
“You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence”.

Now, as the defendants had largely said nothing on their arrest or interviews, she seemed thus to be asking the jury to make an inference of their guilt.

Now, back into ‘list mode’ she starts to list the defendants arrest location, reference to the ‘no comment’ interviews of each and very long lists of seized personal property taken and returned.  Right down to assorted screws, pens, water bottles, biscuits, portions of cheese !! Descriptions of the police processing of times dates and places.  We get through the first few.  Mr Rees for the defence rises and asks if we need this level of details, but Miss Gerry says she has already summarised the material …. And perseveres for another hour or so!!

On a personal note, I was a bit perturbed during all this to discover that there was a police officer involved in the processing, called  one Detective Constable Lodge.  Uummmm!  I guess we might meet in the street sometime.

The monotony of this listing was broken briefly when Miss Gerry quoted the response of MS replying under caution said:

“There may be a bail-out for the banks,
but not for humanity with climate change.  Nature doesn’t do bail-outs”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw me suddenly spring into action with my pen to get that down. She said that Mr MS has helped the press with the ‘quote of day’.

After lunch, further mention is made of legal advice papers. Listing documents such as the climate camp ‘bust card’ and papers including reference to ‘no comment’ advice.

In sum, Miss Felicity Gerry says that all 20 people were arrested at the Iona School on the 13th April 2009 as part of the larger group of 144 detained. That they conspired to carry out the action described. The prosecution closes.

The defence will open its case at 10.00am on Monday 29th November 2010.

Their first witness will be Dr. James E. Hansen, Head of National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA’s Goddard Institute.  He will be arriving from the United States and is expected to give his opinions on climate change and mans influences on these processes.

the case still continues etc ……..

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