Barrister for the prosecution, Miss Felicity Gerry continued to outline their case.


Taking the jury further into the huge bundle of paper they’d been given to consider, she spent much time on the press release that had already been prepared ahead of the action intended.

She points out the press release notes describe the actions intended. They include element such as peaceful protest, trespass, the intent of climbing structures and securing access. Notes about the Ratcliffe power stations operations. Then there was another section drawing attention to the issues the then Energy Secretary Ed Milliband MP, who was considering an application for the construction of another coal-fired power station by E-on at that time.

Notes suggested that the protesters had researched issues for several months before their arrest to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others before engaging in the action. Further, to minimize power disruptions.

By reading out the press release, almost in its entirety to the court, I was struck in thinking that this was perhaps doing a lot of the defences work for them! I formed the impression of the great amount of care, consideration and research that had been put into the whole project. But i think the motive here is clearly to demonstrate the amount of premeditation and possible conspiracy that the prosecution allege had taken place.

Miss Gerry continued onto the question & answers leaflet that had also be found at the school. She again seemed to me to be suggesting that the depth of research, thought-out consequences, again demonstrated the premeditation and a conspiracy.

Another leaflet was introduced titled: ‘Important notice for people working at Ratcliffe Power Station’ intended to provide an explanation to workers about the action. On then to a media contact list prepared with the contact and phone number of a number of TV and newspaper journalist and newsrooms.

Further into the bundle, she introduces an assortment of papers, some torn up and reassembled by the police, found within various rooms in the Iona School. A flip chart paper and a couple of other bits and bobs. All describing aspects of the proposed action, amounting in fact, to an operational plan.

Miss Gerry spent some time describing the operation of a flow chart. Its object was to lay out what to do on arrival at the plant if challenged by worker or security / or not challenged. The arrangement of people into ‘task groups’ and how to proceed when confronted with a variety of obstacles.

The presence of ‘what to do if’ and arrest advice papers suggested that they intended to engage in illegal activities. Another note discovered referred to a company called Veggies “Please supply high calorific high density durable foods” individually packed but sometimes would be available for sharing. Food bags were discovered with days of the week written on them.

Great emphasis was put of another leaflet titled: Ecological Show Stoppers. Street theatre, Sunday 12th April 2009 Iona School, Sneinton, Nottingham.

After lunch we continue with a oh so long listing of equipment.  The back bench of the court has a large array of exhibits in plastic bags, all carefully presented by a court officer resplendent in blue sterile gloves. Unnecessary I thought, when holding ropes , bits of metals and wood which are all contained in plastic. But, me thinks, it all gives an air of crime, danger, presentation etc.

Although not absolutely everything seized, Miss Gerry tells the court that it is a sample to give a flavour of the materials involved.  She has the court officer display to the jury:
Cycle steel rope locks
Climbing ropes, clips and harnesses [a variety of all-sorts]
Hard hats, masks and ear-defenders
A roll-able metal climbing ladder
‘Lock-on’ tubes [constructed from fire extinguisher casings, a steel tubes encased in concrete

Police photographs then presented in the bundle showing:
A hired gas detector
Steel device with handles to block a door
Assortment of power tools inc. cutting equipment, drills etc

Miss Gerry suggests that all this equipment would enable the defendants to carry out their stated aims to shut down the power station for a week.

Banners of varying sizes including the words:
For climate justice
2000 tons of carbon saved
Coal = Climate Disaster
No more coal

A sketch was also found showing how to hang a banner with ropes and weighting down with sandbags.

Crumbs!  Today was very much about lists. Lists of papers, equipment & kit,  personal items, sleeping bags, bedding etc etc etc etc ….. we are now onto vehicle. Hired from a variety of companies and locations.

An assortment of receipts for kit, tools, fuel, maps and routes.

It then took a while for her to describe the number of mobile telephones and an assortment of sim cards. Also some radio equipment. They were found in various places about the school and on people present there. All were unregistered and recently purchased. Effort was made in then explaining some of suggested links between them and numbers that had called each other.

We all adjourn until 10.30am tomorrow.

the case continues etc ……..


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