4 – 5 weeks later ……. I think my computer is fixed at last. [until the next time].

The story so far ……. Computer had been protected by Kaspersky Anti-virus 2009 software last year.  Then in mid April, I splashed out on renewal, I splashed out on ‘Kaspersky Internet Security 2010’.

It installed fine.  BUT then I thought I would ‘scan my discs’. It found 4 items, that it said should be deleted, and then rebooted. I did, but then on the 5th ocassion it wanted to delete a file and then reboot. It failed to do so saying msls51.dll was missing.

What a performance, it turned out to be a bit of a trojan thinggy, but not a very good one…. since even I understand that they want all to work, so they can steal your bits 😦 rather than be a weapon to disable you!

Weeks later and after very much help from Kaspersky support, a man spent SIX HOURS yesterday doing stuff remotely on my machine. All seems to float now. This is the first day since this surgery. Have switched on and of a number of times now and all [most] seems ok. What I don’t know about computers would fill the Grand Canyon. Normal service will shortly be resumed.

Labour saving devices ….. Pah!!