Tash’s web re-organisations ….. I have had to close the GreenNet site down [ http://tash.gn.apc.org ].  It been up there for 15 years!  but I can’t afford the bill anymore. Shame, but there it is. Before Xmas, I  have bought the domain http://alanlodge.co.uk and will point it to the ‘older works’ one day / when I can. [currently work in progress].

Also ….. I now have http://digitaljournalist.eu which points to a links page of Tash’s ‘collected works’ largely containing most of my more recent works. Blog, Facebook,  YouTube, Mobile, Indymedia etc etc ….. and now also http://foto8.eu is the direct link to my Flickr photo site.  So, all in all, there is lots to see …….  please don’t get lost. enjoy!!