The Conservatives have today announced new plans to tackle widespread public concern about the exploitation of the planning system. A new policy blueprint will pledge to address the small minority of travellers who occupy illegal or unauthorised sites.

As an ‘older’ guy, i’m sooo disappointed with folks saying that the tory’s can’t be any worse, and lets give them a chance. FOR FUCKS SAKE! don’t people read / know any history, they totally mucked up my life with squatting and travelling, with the public order act 1986, [after the beanfield and stoneyX etc]. Then chapter 2 with the criminal justice act 1994. We all knew they hadn’t finished yet. Now if they get in,here comes chapter 3. What are we / you going to do about it?

This will effect far more than just travellers and squatters, people who go and play football on school fields, skateboarders/bmxers/etc using industrial parks after hours, setting up ramps in empty buildings or building jumps on woodland/fields.
Basically anyone using space that is not their own.