Some links to just the last couple days of photography restriction stories. We are collecting hundreds now.

What value are the chief constable’s words? – BJP 9 December 2009

‘I’m a photographer not a terrorist’ badge leaves police unconvinced – The Wire 9 December 2009

Photographer ‘arrested’ with Leica M6 in London suburb – Amateur Photographer 10 December 2009

MP pushes for debate over photographer stops – The Independent 10 December 2009

Police crackdown on City photographers – Amateur Photographer 11 December 2009

Fish and chip photographer arrest ‘unlawful’, say police chiefs – Amateur Photographer 11 December 2009

Police snapper silliness reaches new heights – The Register 11 December 2009

Police: Photographers should carry identification – Amateur Photographer 11 December 2009

S44 abuse of photographers raised in Parliament – 11 December 2009

From Snapshot to Special Branch: how my camera made me a terror suspect – Guardian 11 December 2009

A few photographs add up to a minor terror alert – Guardian 11 December 2009

We’re photographers, not terrorists, Marc Vallée – Guardian 11 December 2009

Well respected photojournalist pursues complaint to the IPCC after being stopped whilst
working by police who tell her we can do anything under the terrorism act – Bindmans 11 December 2009

The picture that could land you in jail:
How police in Big Brother Britain treat you like a terrorist for taking holiday snaps –
Daily Mail 12 December 2009