In response to David Hoffman

“The London Photographers’ Branch is a very exciting and necessary development in the NUJ.

It has been discussed across our sector as a serious prospect over the past year due to the crisis in our industry, also partly due to the success of Photo-Forum ( and the unity around campaigning against the use of the anti-terrorism legislation on photographers.

We have been involved alongside other photographers in and outside the NUJ to organise Photo-Forum which people have enjoyed and found valuable.

We have also worked with colleagues to build probably the single most effective photographer event outside New Scotland Yard about the introduction of S76 of the Terrorism Act earlier this year and the subsequent ‘I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist’ ( campaign.

The assertion that NUJ Left will somehow wield it’s secretive ‘power and control’ over the branch is frankly ridiculous. It will bring together all photographers. It will of course be open and democratic and we would like every photographer – left, right or in between – to be a part of that democratic process.

We hope to see everyone at the first branch meeting on Tuesday 26th January 2010 at 6pm at Headland House.”
A response by:

Jess Hurd
Marc Vallée
Jonathan Warren