Well, have finally done it. I am now on Facebook, and have spent a while filling it in. For those wot wanna know, I’m now also at:


Originally, I signed up so I could view yet another anti-travellers [say no to travellers here etc] type site. Bastards had nicked one of my pictures. I contacted Facebook and issued a take-down notice. unless your a member, you can’t view their page.

Anyway, it sat there on the ‘back-burner’ for a while now, and more people kept finding it and lately i discovered 200 folks waiting for joining !! Anyway, apologies to all and have been approving them over the weekend. Adding content and links. And …. it appears the large job of integrating it all with flickr wordpress, vox, lockr, youtube, twitter and more…..

So, am sort of open now 🙂 Drop by and join if you want.

I was prompted into action here by my son, Sam. Well you gotta keep up with the young’ans …. innit.

Since i started with this issue, we have just started a Facebook group:

Say no to racist groups

Please join that as well.