To do an action and not be able to communicate it, is almost not to do the action at all
You need a photo of the spanner going into the works.

You need a photo of the campaigners going over the fence.

You need video of the activist saying why they did it.

You need a picture of the target and the target at work.

All these things are needed to communicate why, what and when the thing happened – if they aren’t there then the public effect of the action will be but a fraction of what it could be.

The economic damage of the spanner going into the machine will be real, but the inspiration of the action is in many ways as important as coverage like this is probably the reason/motivation for the current action – and it is only a series of actions that will change society, not isolated and invisible single actions. Using media to amplify your message is key to the content of your action.

You could invite mainstream media along

* but they likely won’t come

* they will tell the target and/or the police

* they will not be part of any illegal activity so won’t get the shots they need to tell the story.

* when you are done a editor higher up (hand in hand with their lawyers) will change the message to be something you will not only be disappointed with but probably furious with – it’s the nature of mainstream media to misrepresent any social change activity that isn’t sanctioned by the mainstream –  this is unlikely to change.

Media is key to the message, perhaps all media is good media, but some is more useful for radical purpose than others. Lets make DIY work and make our own media

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