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Motion #12 page 4

This ADM condemns Kent police’s seizure, without a warrant, of a UK indymedia server in Manchester on January 22, 2009, and the ongoing failure to return it to the owner.

This ADM recognises the inherent value of open news publishing on the Internet, particularly UK Indymedia and its collectively organised sister sites all over the world. ADM welcomes efforts by the New Media Industrial Council to work with the London Indymedia collective to create better links between the union and those working for the site, who include NUJ members.

This ADM calls for better legal safeguards for all online content and instructs the NEC to provide appropriate support to Indymedia through our members working with the site.
Cost £1,000 London Central also received from New Media Industrial Council

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Motion #91 page 19
This ADM condemns the excessive policing of the G20 demonstrations in London and other demonstrations in the UK. Peaceful protesters were subjected to unacceptable restrictions on their rights to assemble and demonstrate, journalists were prevented from doing their jobs and some  protesters and journalists were victims of police brutality. ADM offers its condolences to the family of Ian Tomlinson who died during the demonstrations.

ADM welcomes the brave efforts of NUJ members to highlight the police behaviour in the face of such restrictions and, in particular, congratulates Indymedia for its comprehensive coverage and Marc Vallee and the Guardian newspaper on their important investigations. ADM also welcomes the efforts by the union’s officials to work to change the police behaviour towards  journalists and the legal support provided to those who need it. ADM, however, also notes that some journalists played a less than constructive part in advance of the G20 demonstrations and in the  immediate aftermath – printing police statements as fact that turned out to be, at best, hyperbole and, at worst, downright lies.

ADM reminds all members that journalists should make every effort to verify information provided by sources and that this applies to the police as much as everyone else. ADM notes that the presumption of violence on the part of protesters and the stereotyping of all anarchists as violent has consistently proved to be inaccurate and unfair.

ADM instructs the NEC to work with the Ethics Council to prepare guidelines for members on how to properly report on demonstrations – including the period just before the events – and how to cover police statements appropriately. ADM further instructs the NEC to seek to address the union’s concerns about inaccurate statements – a practice that has damaged the reputation of both the police and the media – to the police and  to seek to convince them of the need to provide journalists with accurate information.
Cost: £1,000 London Central

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