Costing the Earth Radio4 ‘flagship’ environmental program

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All over the country renewable energy schemes are being thwarted by local people determined to stop wind farms and bio-mass plants being built on some of the most beautiful doorsteps in Britain.

In the first of a new series of ‘Costing the Earth’ Tom Heap asks if radical action is needed to break through the blockade. Should the new planning laws intended to rush through urgently needed road and airport projects be extended to all green energy projects? Or should developers make more effort to get local people on board? If locals can see an immediate financial benefit will they drop their opposition?

Tom Heap travels from Sussex to Orkney to meet the protestors and find out how they can be brought on board the green energy revolution.

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for the Archers Fans out there [well, I’m one anyway ….] Some of the villagers are engaging in a spot of guerrilla gardening.  Splendid 🙂