Forward Intelligence Unit of the Metropolitan Police:  FIT


The object is to make them feel uncomfortable going about their business as them seem to like to make others. Further, to identify their own objects, to database their activity and to stand up for our own lawful actions. It’s all, in fact, a question of civil liberties.

Please check out some of the earlier coverage in this and related issues.  As you see, there is loads to say about it.

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My personal agenda is I’m having a stab at dealing with the folks who have so changed the perception of photography, that my ‘own side’ now has.  In thinking that cameras in the first instance, might be surveillance, rather than our own object in trying to ‘big up’ this issues I care about. They are responsible for this general mistrust, that photographers now feel under.  In short.  bastards!

There is a misunderstanding thinking that all policemen with camera are FIT, Forward Intelligence Unit of the Metropolitan Police FIT.  They are not. there are:

1) Constables get given a camera for the afternoon.
2) EG evidence gatherers. they have been on a course and understand a bit of the technicals and the rules of evidence.
3) FIT. these are like EG but they are specifically a division of the Metropolitan Police. that are supposed to be apparent, and give you the idea that you are being watched, I case you do sommat wrong. To intimidate this involved in ‘issues’,  in fact.

If you want to get involved, just do it really, and help by exposing their work.  these are my latest examples

Nottingham Demos & Surveillance continue [July] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ

FITwatch blog entry – Victory for Fitwatchers Everywhere as FIT Hide in Car:


Sully CO996 + PC1818 2

Sully CO996 + PC1818 1