What is wrong here?

Perhaps I should start a competition … but sadly, there is no prize  😦

Nottinghamshire Police Vehicle - What's wrong here?

This is a Nottinghamshire Police vehicle,  parked on double yellows, while his mate goes into Sainsbury’s. If you or I did this, and we’re spotted, then we can expect a ticket. If on an emergency call, then fair enough, but for their convenience while shopping ….. no.

You might consider it petty of me, but I have made and official complaint.  Like most folks, in the past, I would have just let it go, that’s the police for you. But the links below,  show an increased belligerence in dealing with photographers and I have hundreds of other examples. They show that I might have been arrested in the attempt to shift blame. I might have been assaulted, my camera kit seized as ‘evidence’ with months of  arguement, to get it back.  So if this is the atmosphere, then I think we should all note these kind of matters and do something about it, until ‘they’ stop being so bloody awkward to us.  So there!!!

Police apologise to Bristol man arrested for taking photo – 19 August 2008

Police arrest man for photographing them – 19 August 2008

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring ‘no entry’ sign – Daily Mail 19 August 2008

No snapping: Photographers get collars felt – The Register 23rd August 2008