September 2007

Having attended the V3 Wind Turbine Workshops a couple of weekends ago [links below], I thought I’d check out some other examples of wind turbines uses, in and around the Nottingham area.These links to pictures show the main examples I’ve found.

* Domestic setups on houses
* intermediate-sized ones, Rushcliffe Country Park
* ‘Test-bed’ examples: University of Nottingham – School of the Built Environment
* Eco-house at University of Nottingham
* Small scale ‘free-light’ types on barges on the canal.

Now, together with solar panels, it’s a start innit! but no planets are going get saved just yet, from this level of activity.

My first observation is that in a city the size of Nottingham, I only found 2 on houses! That’s right TWO! I’ve looked into this quite a lot this last couple of weeks, with much walking, interweb surfing and phone calls, and that’s all I could find. They both feed the grid, and none, including the large pair at Rushcliffe, store the electic generated.

The University has a few examples, but only running as test-beds at School of the Built Environment. None that I could find, doing productive work on the campus.

So, I guess the issues are that same as they have been for years. They are not thought to be economically viable with high start-up costs, with an insufficient percentage return.

There are then considerable planning hoops to jump through, and often with local area objections.

Frequently these are from the neighbours who are concerned about the potential noise. I spoke to the neighbours at both the houses I visited, and they agreed that noise wasn’t a problem for them.

Another frequently heard objection is that they interfere with and are a risk to migrating birds. Speaking to worker at the Rushciffe Country Park, where they have Two 5 kW turbines that been in operation for nearly 3 years, he pointed out that: “I think we may have stunned a pigeon last year!”

Then of course, they interfere with air transport and operations. This doesn’t seem to hold water now does it with – East Midlands Airport Airport Plans For Wind Turbines

I am still looking about for other examples of ‘good-practice’ around Nottingham, so any leads most gratefully received.

Spring into Action events, held earlier here in Nottingham.
Climate change is real and its happening now. Governments and corporations dream of continued economic growth – economic growth can’t solve this crisis, but we can. A massive and concerted effort is needed on the scale of ‘Dig for Victory’ or the ‘Home Front’: A war on climate change.

We can’t continue our current way of life – the oil on which it all depends is running out too fast. A shift to a locally based economy will have to happen, with food and energy being produced by the people that use it. The only question is when? We could start now, or we could wait for a future of war, famine, hurricanes, droughts and floods. We need to gain the courage and change fast enough to cultivate a new world, before it’s too late.

‘Spring into Action’ is part of an emerging grassroots movement against climate change. Born out of the Camp for Climate Action (, ‘Spring into Action’unites people across the east of England into making changes in our own lives, creating small scale solutions in our communities and resisting those who still seek their own short term gain over a safe future for us all.

So get involved, come and help organise the change that you want to experience in our world.

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