Last night, spent a long time in front of my computers, searching for more info, on “Orichalcum & The Deviant”, “TIP Records” and “Flying Rhino”. Some of my current favourite electronic tunes. I have never been any good at learning the language of ‘style’ of electronic music. One man’s progressive house, or goa’n trance, is not the same as what someone else means but the term. In classical or rock modes … it was frequently possible to say sommat like, similar to a Paul Rogers vocal, has some spacy keyboards work like Pink Floyd, or, exhuberant horns, Beethoven style.

You get the picture, like descripion of a style by comparison with another well-known producer. For the last 15 years, I have just simply been at sea on how to express my taste.

So, I have to learn a particular act, or record lable, and go and search for that, missing so much else that might have interested me otherwise……

Anyway ….. coming to the point. While doing this, I came across this individual, making his own music. I don’t mean your standard DJ, mixing and re-producing other peoples records. I mean original production of his own sound.

Tom Cosm is from Christchurch, Canterbury District of New Zealand. Specifically Flock Hill Station with its spectacular scenery. [puts the Peak District here, in the shade].

I am sure there are a fair few like him. But I was struck to discover that the chap had done a few video ‘lecture’ pieces on YouTube, to explain himself and his arts.


These were just a sample of his work, check check out the rest of his series at his YouTube site at: