Indymedia folks have been beavering away to bring you Indymedia content, direct to your mobile. Clearly, a ‘full framed’ Indymedia page will not fit on your mobile, so, content is divided into features or newswire. This is true for the world site, UK, and here in Nottinghamshire.

Because you generally pay for mobile internet by the Mb, it is good that this system strips out pictures, audio and video, thus delivering pages of only a few Kb.

So, from right there in the street, you can view the latest info. Further, you will be able to upload your stories, via your mobile, to our ‘publish your news’ page. And, if your up for it, can also upload pictures if your doing it with a cameraphone.

To use the service on your phone, find the internet browsing menu, and enter:

To find Nottinghamshire pages:
1. Select ‘ Europe’ button
2. From the list, [the top entry is] ‘UK sites’
3. Nottinghamshire is in that list. You can now decide if you want to view the Newswire or Features
4. To save going round this process again, I suggest that you ‘Bookmark’ both these pages for future use.
5. Some phones then let you zoom in and out, to adjust the text size, you’re most comfortable with.

To give you a taster of what your missing, if your not using this service yet, check out these links.They will open Newswire and Feature services for Notts, in an emulator. [that is: an internet page of wot it will look like on your mobile].



Newswire in the Emulator

Notts Features in the Emulator

For some more help and information about this service, please click here:

Background Info