hello campers.
The Royal Air Force has landed with a large Display in Market Square, Nottingham.

They have come, complete with some shiny red toys like a BA Hawk jet fighter.

Liverpool Ploughshares Acquittal

Peace activists have smashing time with genocidal aircraft

Five arrested after BAE break-in

The ‘trainer’ jet the UK loves to hawk

Hawks and Doves

Royal Air Force recruitment will hope to do a roaring trade in getting more to take the Queen’s shilling.

You can see how they do this. The younger the better. The sense of excitement, skiing, basketball, rock-climbing and playing Rambo with large guns. All designed to make you feel invincible. I have always thought that this approach lacks responsibility, don’t you?

I little bird tells me, that recruitment is well down these last couple of years, since UK Armed Services are not just being used for the national defence, but to keep interfering in foreign parts, where they’re not wanted.

All appears to be a big military showdown ! Perhaps those passin’ would like to make their views known.