Tony McNulty MP Minister of State for Crime Reduction, Policing, Community Safety and Counter Terrorism today (14 March 2007) announced the commencement of a public consultation exercise to look at the potential to Review PACE.

The public consultation exercise will run until 31 May 2007. The aim of the Review is to ask stakeholders, practitioners and the public for ideas and proposals which will:

* provide police and other relevant agencies with appropriate and proportionate powers to tackle crime
* remove barriers enabling more effective targeting of criminals
* remove unnecessary bureaucracy
* free up more time for police officers to take up operational duties outside the police station
* remove areas of complexity and providing clearer, more accessible powers for both practitioners and public, and importantly
* promote the needs of victims and witnesses.

Responses and suggestions can be submitted by e-mail to, using the response template or in free

Review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984: Consultation Paper

This is scary, I mean it and say again, this is scary! I am against terrorism as much as the next man. BUT, I don’t think the way to combat it, is by creating a police state.