‘Skins’ :: New series starting next week on Channel4’s E4. First in the series is on Thirsday 25 January 2007 at 10:00pm

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From the creators of Shameless comes a new show ‘Skins’ – premiering on E4 at 10pm on Thursday January 25th.

Skins is focused around the lives of a group of teenage mates in Bristol. Look out for Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy) in his first major TV role and a host of new talent.

What makes Skins so unique is that E4 have given everyone the opportunity to contribute to the show. You can see some of the best short films, music, logo designs and fashion designs at www.e4.com/skins. Also watch out for the winners to be announced very soon!

Don’t forget to join the skins community at www.e4.com/skins. As a member you will receive a weekly email giving you advance news about the show and freebies every week, including music downloads, merchandise and much more! You’ll also be the first to hear how you can contribute to the show in the future.

Show Website: www.e4.com/skins

MySpace Page: MySpace – Skins