After Birmingham, Notts Indymedia is now IMC UK’s new baby. With the website live, there’s nothing stopping the new and enthusiastic collective, itching to get the project going. For years it was felt that Nottinghamshire could really do with a open, independent and community oriëntated media space. Well, now it has finally arrived.

Please bear with us while we are still working on improving this website.

The Nottinghamshire Independent Media Centre (IMC) is a collective of independent community groups and individuals committed to offering grassroots and local non-corporate news coverage.

We aim to generate a fresh perspective on mainstream media-twisted stories and give a voice to individuals and communities throughout Nottinghamshire.

Get Involved!

By connecting individuals and campaign groups together, we can disseminate information and raise awareness of local community concerns, campaigns and activities as well as issues of national and global relevance.

Nottinghamshire Indymedia is an open–publishing website which will allow everyone to contribute regardless of their locality, ethnicity or gender. It will strive to empower communities through skill sharing and training to become part of the Nottinghamshire IMC project, and work together towards maintaining a diverse and honest representation of what is really happening is our communities. Unlike the corporate media, Nottinghamshire IMC is run through an open democratic process.

Central to the Nottinghamshire IMC is the Nottinghamshire Indymedia website, which as a platform generates a variety of other activities including a community radio project, training sessions and workshops, video-productions, info nights, film-screenings and a regularly print out of the generated news.

As a collective we aim to pursue the following principles:

– To maintain an open democratic structure where everyone can contribute equally to decision-making.

– To reject all systems of domination and discrimination.

– To reject all ties with political parties and corporate bodies.

– To acknowledge that the struggle for a better world takes many forms.

– To focus on local issues and grassroots campaigns.

– To continually welcome and provide training and support to new volunteers, groups and contributors wanting to become involved with the Nottinghamshire IMC collective.

Nottinghamshire IMC works as part of the global Indymedia Network. The network works to foster media creation based upon the principles of free participation and association, mutual aid, open-source software, open publishing, and transparent decision-making. As an affiliate of the Indymedia network, the Nottinghamshire collective remains committed to these principles.

Think globally – Act locally!

Notts IMC