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Friday Day 1

Saturday Day 2

Euro Cup 1st – 3rd July 2005

Competitors from over 20 nations will battle it out for whitewater supremacy on our purpose built wave. 45 second rides of non stop vertical and aerial action are judged and paddlers progress through qualifying heats, semis, quarters then on to the weekend¹s highlight, the knockout final. New International variety only rules will be used.


The sport of freestyle kayaking has exploded in popularity over the last ten years. The arrival of flat hulled kayaks and the rapid evolution of boat designs have opened up the possibilities for a wealth of new moves on, under and even in the air above the water! Freestyle kayaking is undoubtedly the most spectacular form of kayaking.

Freestyle can be most likened to the halfpipe discipline of snowboarding. Athletes take 2 rides of 45 seconds in which they perform a choreographed routine on a single river feature.

These runs are undertaken on big river features, large fast waves or holes (a wave which turns back on itself and holds the kayaker in it.)

The bigger the waves or holes the more dynamic the moves that kayakers can perform on them.
Unlike ocean waves, river waves and holes are static this allows all the judges and spectators to surround the chosen spot creating a fantastic atmosphere whilst allowing spectators a great view. Cartwheels, air loops, blunts and more are just a sample of the moves performed.

As the contest progresses those who scored most highly in the preliminary rounds go through quarters, semis and then the top five placed athletes go onto knockout sudden death finals.

These finals are tense and exciting for both competitors and spectators. Each athlete takes a ride on the wave and the lowest scorer drops out. One bad run means elimination so consistency and endurance is paramount for those who want to win. The remaining riders keep going until eventually a winner is crowned