They save you visiting lots of websites, to see if anythings changed yet. Very useful for Indymedia Newswire and the like.

BBC Advice page: RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)

The really simple future of the web

Here is a selection of feedreader, that you can choose from, depending on free or not, what operating system, mac or pc etc.

Google Directory – Feedreaders
The ones I use [both of which are free] are:



RSS Popper – RSS aggregator for Outlook [this can be used within Microsoft Outlook, and its ver convenient]


For those that want to follow it up, these are the Feed addresses I’m watching for Sheffield G8 stuff and other matters ……

yorkshire today

BBC News South Yorkshire

Indymedia UK Newswire

Indymedia Sheffield Newswire

Tash’s Blog

by putting these into a feedreader, you thus would have up-to-date info delivered to your inbox.

Hope this helps