Rave misery for villagers Cambridge Evening News, UK – 10 May 2005

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RAVERS are making weekend nights a misery in a village on the outskirts of Cambridge. Cambridgeshire police said they were aware of the raves.

Insp Paul Ormerod, of the South Cambridgeshire sector, said: “These events are being held on private land, making it a complex issue to deal with.

“We are aware of the on-going problem at the site and have held meetings with other agencies, including the district council and fire service, to try to find out the legality of these evenings.

“We are looking at all options in response to the events, and will be taking positive action in the near future.”


Police campaign to prevent rave

11 May 2005


Police are trying to prevent the return of illegal raves to Smeatharpe near Honiton, writes Sally Munro.

This year Police are again part of a South West regional operation warning people not to try and set up illegal raves.

The South West is considered to be one of a number of susceptible areas in the UK for illegal raves.

Operation Pell aims to minimise the disruption to communities by cracking down on illegal festivals.

Insp Norman Amey, in charge of the operation, said: “In previous years we have had problems with people who were unable to buy tickets for Glastonbury, trying to set up alternative sites in our force area.

“The airfield at Smeatharpe has been targeted in the past, and we will be putting a specific operation in place to prevent mass trespass or illegal raves at the site.

“We have the powers to stop these illegal gatherings and to seize equipment, and will do so if necessary to protect the rights and lifestyles of the community, as well as preventing serious injury and hazards to health of those attending.

“Although there is a specific operation for the airfield, we are also aware that this sort of gathering may happen anywhere across the force.”

The public can assist police by reporting any suspicious activity around open land or disused buildings by calling 08452 777444.


Butterflies Endangered By Psy Trance Hippies

Thousands cause rave woods damage

Tuesday, 17 May, 2005, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK


The prospect of raves being staged in the Kent countryside is being investigated by police after one event caused damage to ancient woodland.

Kent Police said there was intelligence that other raves were being planned.

A spokesman said: “We’re working on that and we will do everything we can in our powers to stop it.”


Police Prevent Illegal Rave
12:48 Tuesday 17 May 2005


Thames Valley Police in West Berkshire prevented a huge rave from going ahead on the Ridgeway this weekend.

More than 90 vehicles with three large sound systems were stopped from entering land near Aldworth after a tip off from an off-duty officer who overheard plans for the rave. The rave was planned for the early hours of last Sunday, 15th May, but officers managed to stop it taking place. Fifty-six officers from Berkshire and Oxfordshire were involved in the operation – mounted under Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which gives officers the authority to turn people away from an illegal gathering such as a rave.

Officers spread out around the area of Streetley, Compton and Aldworth and stopped vehicles as they tried to reach rural land on the Ridgeway throughout the early hours of Sunday.

Supt. Jim Trotman, local police area commander of West Berkshire, said: “From a local police perspective these events cause considerable damage in rural communities. A recent rave near East Hendred caused significant damage to livestock within the West Berkshire part of the Ridgeway and many of the local people I work with complained to me after the event.”

“We, and our partners in the local authority, take the prevention of illegal raves very seriously. This past weekend was just such a time and police officers from across Oxfordshire and Berkshire successfully prevented a convoy of some 90 vehicles with three separate sound systems from setting up a rave on the Ridgeway.”

“This kind of operation is one that takes considerable numbers of officers away from other duties but these raves are unlicensed, rarely have any safety considerations and quite frequently involve large numbers of people disrupting the lives of others. Rural communities need policing as much as their urban counterparts. I have no doubt that where we can we will be seeking to intervene in more raves over the coming summer months. I hope that putting a rather more forthright police case with regard to raves will allow local people to understand that local policing is still very much able to deal with the bigger problems that sometimes beset our more rural communities.”


Hundreds attend illegal rave


23 May 2005 12:53

Hundreds of people descended on Forestry Commission land near Thetford yesterday for an illegal rave.

It comes just a week after four raves were held in the county, stretching police resources.

Last week Norfolk police announced that it was looking at how to deal with illegal raves and ways of working more closely with environmental health officers and local authorities to stop unlicensed events and take action against organisers.