It’s the 20th anniversary of the trashing of my tribe there ‘lest we forget!’

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But now, news from the last few days ……..

BBC News

Warning over illegal forest raves

Groups planning illegal gatherings in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, over the bank holiday weekend have been warned they will be “vigorously” dealt with.
Wiltshire police are on standby after receiving reports that rave parties or music festivals are likely to be held.

In previous years, officers have been called to deal with cars being parked illegally throughout the woodland area and loud music being played.

Inspector Jerry Dawson says action will be taken to prevent similar offences.

“We will enforce current legislation vigorously and, with the land owner’s permission, and in consultation with the relevant town or parish councils, we will take positive action,” he said.

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Wlitshire Police Press Release:

23/05/2005 – Savernake forest is no place for a party!

Wiltshire Police will be paying close attention to Savernake Forest and surrounding area throughout the Bank Holiday weekend after reports of groups aiming to camp out and possibly set up raves or music festivals have been received.

In the past the Savernake Forest has been a target for groups with vehicles being parked throughout the woodland area and loud music annoying residents for miles around. However this year police intend to step in and prevent raves and music festivals from taking place by working in partnership with the The Earl Of Cardigan, local community, Parish Councils, Marlborough Town Council and the Forestry Commission.

Inspector Jerry Dawson, the area commander for Marlborough, has been pleased with the recent success of preventing such illegal Music Festivals, but makes it clear that the Bank Holiday weekend is seen as a potential target that will have dedicated police units on standby throughout. He said:

‘It must be clearly understood by anyone thinking about coming to the area with the intention of setting up a rave or festival that they are not welcome. We will enforce current legislation vigorously and, with the land owner’s permission, and in consultation with the relevant Town or Parish Councils, we will take positive action wherever, and whenever, it is needed to enable the public to enjoy the peaceful environment that Savernake Forest and the surrounding areas offer, in order to prevent any Criminal offences or Anti Social Behaviour from being committed.’