Gosh, it’s happened, and on national tv news!

For some time now, I’ve been telling people of the advantages of recording police conversations at ‘situations’ on a mobile phone, to your voice bank. In the past, I’ve done recordings with a tape recorder. However, if discovered duringa subesequent search, you may be assaulted, and the device taken from you.

With a mobile however, information has already been transmitted. Most folks don’t realise this possibility. It is thus heartening the a 16 year old youth had the gumption to do this. The officer, well, banged to rights ……!

Police chief condemns ‘race slur’
BBC Thursday, 19 May, 2005, 17:56 GMT 18:56 UK


Britain’s top police officer has said one of his constables behaved “outrageously” if claims he racially abused a Kurdish teenager are true.

Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair said Pc David Yates, 26, could be sacked within weeks if the allegations are proved.

The boy recorded what seemed to be Pc Yates making threats and swearing while arresting him for a public order offence in Paddington in February.

West London Youth Court dismissed his case after hearing the tape on 13 May.

The boy made the recording by activating his mobile phone’s record device as he was being put into a police van.

A two-and-a-half minute tape of an exchange with Pc Yates, a Territorial Support Group officer based at Paddington Green police station, was played to the court.

On the tape, the officer appears to swear repeatedly, accuse the boy of being a robber and rapist, and threaten to “smash your Arab face in”.
Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Britain’s most senior officer, confirmed an investigation was under way.

He said he did not wish to prejudice the investigation but added: “On what I have read and heard, the behaviour alleged is outrageous.

“What I have asked for is that, if the evidence stacks up, then we will put the officer on a fast track procedure out of the force.

“On what I am hearing, that behaviour is totally contrary to the values of the Metropolitan Police and I do not need this man in the organisation.”

Earlier, District Judge David Simpson had directed that the tape should be sent to the Met commissioner as well as to the director of public prosecutions.

He said criminal proceedings against the officer could be considered.

He told the court: “There’s a lot of talk about respect and the lack of it. Respect is not something you get by putting on a uniform.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it will be investigating the claims.

IPCC Commissioner Deborah Glass said the group would not prejudge the outcome.

“Our investigators are meeting the Metropolitan Police Service… so they can get the evidence gathered so far,” she said.

Scotland Yard has confirmed a 26-year-old constable has been suspended, pending an investigation into allegations of racial harassment.

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