“…a summer ball on friday for all the ethical and community groups around Notts. We thought it be a great opportunity to get everyone together and celebrate the campaigning and projects achieved so far and get everyone excited for those yet to come. We had done our best to organise a cool night that would cater for everyone’s interest and we had come up with an evening of live music & performance arts.

Crystal Ball was an amazing night of delicious Food by Veggies (all veggie and vegan), great music from the people who organise Demo Club including Jazz, acoustic and others as well as a film area, dance performances and even a Bush & Blair casino!! Held at the Marcus Garvey Centre on Lenton Boulevard (between Ilkeston Rd and Derby Road) from 8pm til 2am.
Dress worldly and wonderful.

Nottingham Student Peace Movement / People & Planet: sunspm@gwmail.nottingham.ac.uk


More Piccys of the event at: http://tashcamuk.fotopages.com/?entry=429683


Trade Justice believe everyone has the right to feed their families, make a decent living and protect their environment.But the rich and powerful are pursuing trade policies that put profits before the needs of people and the planet.

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UK Indymedia 2005 Make Poverty History, Drop the Debt Event, Piccys from Nottingham


To end poverty and protect the environment we need Trade Justice not free trade.

The UK Government should:
Fight to ensure that governments, particularly in poor countries, can choose the best solutions to end poverty and protect the environment.
End export subsidies that damage the livelihoods of poor communities around the world.
Make laws that stop big business profiting at the expense of people and the environment.