It’s 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way to make the “Peoples Free Festival of Albion” at Stonehenge.

It was a regular event on the calendar. A little different to the ‘managed access event’ on the solstice, currently on offer from English Heritage.

Please check out my recent Indymedia Post about it all at:

An exhibition I’ve contributed to, is currently at the Kebele Cafe, in Bristol.

Then, on the 20th April, it will move to The Sumac Centre in Nottingham.
Opening with a film showing of “Operation Solstice”: a film describing the events of the day, and what we did about it.

and a talk by Andy Worthington, author of “Stonehenge – Celebration and Subversion”

More details at:

Sumac Centre
245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham NG7 6HX
Ph: 0845 458 9595