May 1ST


Mr Blair is calling an election, but what choice do we have? The percentage of people voting falls each year as the main parties become ever more similar in their bid to woo middle England.

Leaving the general public with a choice of lots of the same thing. Increasingly the governments agenda seems to represent business and corporate gain before human concerns, it promotes war in the name of peace? It takes away our rights and forces us to give up our freedoms in the name of freedom. Protest will soon be banned anywhere within earshot of the government, and we are told it is for our own safety.

Ladies and Gentlemen it will not do!

Over 600 letters will be handed to the House Of Commons on Monday April 4th, challenging every Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP to a game of cricket over their lack of honour and morals.

Click here to read the letter of challenge


The match will take place at 2pm on May 1st in Parliament Square.

Everyone is of course welcome to join us on the day, to watch the match and see which of the MP’s have the honour to turn up and put their batting skills where their mouths are.

Bring Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches, Pimms and Lemonade, Picnics, Moral Fibre and Good Sportsmanship.