Shakedown ‘05 aims to raise awareness of some global issues.

Shakedown ‘05 will bring together the diversity of Nottingham’s cultural life (live bands, DJs, visual artists, performance artists) at this very big one-off non-profit DIY all-night event that tries to bring together as large a variety of people, music and arts as possible.

Shakedown ‘05 also aims to raise awareness of some global issues such as world poverty, climate change and global institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and the G8. Stalls, film showings and a cocktail bar run by various campaign groups will try to raise awareness of these issues among people in a positive way.

* * * *

As happens with all good things at some point, Shakedown*05 has become a thing of the past, filed somewhere into our memories as something that was very enjoyable. We wish to thank all of you for making the event the succes we believe it has become.

We wish to thank all the visitors. There have been no incidents reported at Shakedown*05, or in and around Nottingham, and the atmosphere at the event was really good. We wish to thank all the bands, for playing for free. We wish to thank the volunteers of all the contributing organizations, for believing in this, and for making it happen.

We are certainly considering using the energy that Shakedown*05 has produced for something new, yet to be decided. All ideas are welcome, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions at:

My pictures of the event on Tash’s FotoBlog entry at:

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