Some of you might have already heard about it, others will have already signed up as a volunteer, while most of you will be wondering what all the fuss is about…

’Shakedown ‘05′ will bring together the diversity of Nottingham’s cultural life (live bands, DJs, visual artists, performance artists) at this very big one-off non-profit DIY all-night event that tries to bring together as large a variety of people, music and arts as possible.

Shakedown ‘05 also aims to raise awareness of some global issues such as world poverty, climate change and global institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and the G8. Stalls, film showings and a cocktail bar run by various campaign groups will try to raise awareness of these issues among people in a positive way.

Info numbers: 07910 428 895 / 07910 428 896
Check out the website

Saturday evening: Cabaret at Sumac from 8.30pm.
Plus other warm-up events all over Nottingham.

Saturday Night: Shakedown Party 10pm-8am.
The location will be posted online at 9pm, when doors open.
You are advised to arrive early, or phone the Info numbers to check the capacity.

Sunday: Wind-down at Sumac from 10am; bar from noon.
D-i-Y Buffet catering and Veggies brunches, coffees, cakes etc.

Monday: Dissent Info Night & Social.