Tories and our beloved Sun newspaper (and now The Daily Nazi Rag, sorry Mail – Ed) reacted angrily to Labour’s recent about-turn on the Traveller Site issue. Finally conceding their right to have space to live, the Government have authorised councils to provide land for sale to Travellers, ending standoffs around the island.

That Voice of Reason, the Sun, has declared war on the travellers, urging people to “Stamp On The Camps”. Their racist bile in recent days has led to a prosecution for incitement to hatred by the Traveller Law Reform Coalition. Meanwhile, the head of Constant Baliff Co., a thug force that carries out Traveller evictions, had a home visit. Twelve people protesting Constant’s violent clearance of camps banged pots outside his house (Rough Music style) and leafleted his neighbours, telling them what a toe rag they live next to.

earilier, Constant and Co had yet more protest ……

Yesterday, Monday the 13th of December, Constant and Co.s office in Bedford was picketed by Gypsy Travellers and their supporters to protest their violent eviction of sites. Banners reading ‘Constant and Co bully Gypsys’ and ‘Constant and Co: Paid to destroy homes’ were put up in front of the building and leaflets talking about the upcoming eviction of Woodside and the amount of homeless Gypsies were given out. The police were unusully civil and the public were interested, there doesn’t seem to be that many demonstrations in Bedford. Some people stopped to complain about their own problems with bailiffs and show support. One man said he’d never noticed the office before, but now he had he’d know where to go the next time he got evicted. One man (suspected bailiff) started to make his way to the office, but turned and ran when he saw our (very peaceful) demo.
At the least we embarressed Mr Bryan Constant for a few hours, who stayed inside working.
This was the first step, we arn’t going to leave Constant and Co in peace to do their shameful work any longer.
If you want to help in the campaign against Constant and CO and the fight for Gypsy / Traveller rights and justice: