Its been a thing on the news of late, with the anniversary of Auschwitz liberation that first, young folk don’t know where / what that is, and on realising that, a few journo went off to ask a few more samples of young people, we’ll you don’t know about that then, what about Hitler? Who? so, education and history is worse than many of us thought …..

I had no interest in history myself at the secondary modern school I went to. I raised a laugh in the corridor a few time with the funny “History, no, future in it!”

HoHo. But not true is it. Those who don’t know any history are condemned to repeat mistakes etc …. and stuff seems to ‘come round again’, which means you stand a better chance of prediction, if you’ve got some idea what’s’ happened before.

Gypsy evictions all over the place, since the passing of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. A lot of the gypsies thought it didn’t apply to them, only these hippy convoy types, and we don’t like them, so, ‘good riddance’. Some of us on this side of the fence said, they do mean you also. We saw a divide and rule mentality going on here. So on the day of enactment of the CJA at 9.30am, ‘Gypsies’ were the first to have some of the provisions applied. Downhill for all of us, ever since. Shame we couldn’t have stood more together, but, to late now. Most of my tribe has left, years ago, fearing yet more laws against them, and perhaps, a re-run of history.