“The flame of hatred that burned our people to smoke in Auschwitz is still consuming us today”

On the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, the words of Toma Nikoleaff, editor of the Roma newspaper De Facto must be a wake up call.

Today 40,000 Travellers and Roma face UK ethnic-cleansing – through violent destruction of their caravan parks and mass forced deportations.

Roma living “illegally” are being hunted down by Immigration “snatch squads”; Traveller families, who bought land on Government advice, now see their homes and their lives wrecked by police and private security men.


In the latest eviction, at Ridge near London, Twin Oaks caravan park was bulldozed and raised (6 Jan). Five persons, including a crittically ill women of 72, were assaulted and two men arrested. Four mobile homes were wrecked.

Among property needless destroyed were two wheel-chairs, television sets, and countless household items and heirloom china.

The eviction, carried out by Constant & Co, cost Euro 250,000. Damage to property exceeds Euro 200,000. Two cases under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act are being prepared against Hertsmere District Council and Constant.

In two years, l5,000 Roma have been “removed” from Britain, and more than 1,000 Travellers “cleared” from their own land under policies experienced by the victims as akin to those imposed in Nazi Germany during the l930s.

Next in line for destruction is the Woodside caravan park at Hatch, in Bedfordshire. Home of Cliff Codona, chair of the National Travellers Action Group, this was to be the location for the Roma Holocaust and Heritage Centre.



Please join the rally outside Parliament at 2pm on Thursday 27 January (Westminster Tube) on the occassion of the official Holocaust Memorial Day event STOP 2nd.



3pm Sunday, 23 January, 4 Sutton Street, Whitechapel, London

1) EVICTION at Woodside, Bedfordshire expected on or after 1 Feb.

Cliff Codona appeals for supporters to join Human Rights Monitoring team.

2) EVICTION at Dale Farm expected on or after l3 May.

Contact Grattan on 01206 523528 for details

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