This is it, as I know it so far:

Feb 12 Kyoto Climate March 11.30 am Lincoln’s Inn Fields 02088553327

Mar 19 National No War demo

March Dragon Festival

May 1 Mayday London

Apr 29- May 1 Rocket Festival, Andalucia

Apr 30 – May 1 Newcastle Green Fest 01912321750

May 1 Swindon May Morning

May 5 – 8 WOMAD Cáceres, Spain

May 7 Ganja Day

May 7-29 Brighton Festival Fringe

May 14-21 Hes Fes 07833794062

May 30 Kingston Green Fair 02089748608

May 27th BATH FRINGE FESTIVAL Bath Somerset, UK,

June 1 Beanfield trashing 20th Anniversary

June 4th Strawberry Fair

June 12th Walcot Nation Day

June 18th-19th Leamington Peace Festival

June 20- 21st Summer Solstice Stonehenge

June 24-26 Pilton

June 30-July 3 Fusion Festival

July 4 Big Blockade at Faslane nuclear submarine base.

July 6TH Global Day of Action at the opening day of the G8 Summit

July 15-17 Guilfest

July 15-17 Glade Festival

July 13-17 Buddhafield 01647 24539

July 13-17 Larmertree Festival

July 16-17 Ashton Court Festival

July21 Ruigoord Landjuweel, Netherlands

July 29-31 WOMAD Reading

Aug 3-7 Big Green Gathering 01458 834629

Aug 5-7 The Big Chill

Aug 7-29 Edinburgh Fringe

Aug 11-13 Cropredy

Aug 14-20 European Juggling Convention

Aug 20-21 Beautiful Days

Sept 21-24 Robodock Festival Amsterdam

still lacking the anarchistic peace convoy type do’s, but one day again perhaps …..

This is it, as I know it so far: [link to my new bulletin boards]