I have been running a Message Board and Guestbook for some time now. People have been kind and left quite a few entries, so thanks to all who have contributed.

However, regular readers will know that I have become increasing ‘pissed-off’, with the porn merchants and their robots, ‘spamming’ these boards, trying to sell us their wares.

Earlier entry on my blog about all this at:

I don’t know if this is going to work, but have just started a new ‘Bulletin Board’ eventually to replace these services.

I haven’t integrated it within the main website links yet, ‘cos I’m still learning about adjustments and setting them up. But, if you want a sneak preview, here is the direct link:

As I say, it will take me a while to shut down these, and ‘officially’ open the bulletin board, so, in the meantime ……

Contibution welcome [except porn, thanks]