New Age Travellers: BBC Timeshift on BBC4 Sunday 2nd January 8.20pm

It has been repeated before, but, I’ve just checked the Radio Times Listing, and discover that it’s on again, on Sunday night at 8.20pm. Do take a peek, if you can

Sunday 2 January 2005 8.20pm-9pm; 2.50am-3.30am

Time Shift looks at the historical, cultural and political influences that have shaped the lifestyles of Britain’s New Age Travellers

Travellers have roamed Britain for centuries and New Age Travellers have adopted many Gypsy traditions in an attempt to become genuine nomads themselves. Challenging mainstream society has been central to their motivation, Inevitably this has brought them into conflict with landowners and the police.

Fergus Colville’s Time Shift documentary takes a fresh look; following the story from the early 1970s search for an alternative way of life, to the present day, where legislation and increasing fragmentation have eroded both the appeal and viability of being a New Age Traveller.

We managed to get some unique and previously unscreened archive of the Stonehenge festivals which helps to give a different perspective on the news reporting of the time.