I heard about sorryeverybody.com on CNN, following the present punch-up in Fallujah. This being the latest chapter in the violence, and probably related to the re-election of Mr Bush.

It is not proper to tar all members of any nation, ‘with the same brush’, and so was really heartened to discover this site.

The link is supposed to be at: http://www.sorryeverybody.com but it dosen’t work

[me thinks the dirty tricks dept are at it again …… :-)]

However, this is the direct link, and it does work …….


This is what they say about themselves……..

What’s this site about?

Most people who think carefully understand that Americans are not really any more jingoistic or xenophobic than people in other countries, but it never hurts to reinforce, especially considering what happened on November 2nd, 2004. What must it have looked like to the world outside our borders? America proudly re-appointed her reckless, incompetent and corrupt government. How much of America? Fifty-two percent. The rest of us are aghast and dismayed.

Lots of fuss is made about the ‘global village.’ The Internet was supposed to make communication between cultures, countries and peoples painless and easy. It was supposed to build bridges. But it doesn’t do this automatically; somebody has to reach out. The Internet was supposed to lead to education and understanding. It doesn’t. Rarely do people on the internet apologize. I thought it was high time. The world needs to understand that there are people in America who don’t like what our government is doing. And from the mail we’re receiving, there are people in the international community who appreciate this.

Also, come on, it’s kind of amusing.

You can upload your own image, I have done so, saying we are also very sorry in the UK, but your apology is graciously accepted.

email: contact@sorryeverybody.com

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