Have advised and contributed to a BBC prog about festival / stonehenge / travellers etc.

There is much about such nasties as the “Battle of the Beanfield” etc

Its on later today. Set your videos if you can ….

New Age Travellers: Time Shift / BBC four – Thursday 21st Oct 9.00pm

New Age Travellers are regarded by many as pariahs. With unique and never before seen archive this week’s Time Shift takes a fresh look at those who’ve often been called soap dodging, anti-social, drug taking scroungers.

From their origins in the early seventies, as idealists looking for an alternative way of life, we see how legislation and increasing fragmentation have eroded both the appeal and viability of being a New Age Traveller. Narrated by Paul McGann.

Videoplus: 9058781

Thursday 21st Oct 9.00pm


Thursday 21st Oct 11.30pm

Friday 22nd Oct 02.40am

Sunday 24th Oct 12.00am

Thu 21 Oct, 21:00-21:40 40mins Stereo Widescreen

Website http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/documentaries/timeshift

Subject Factual; Documentaries



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Have now stuff about it to a couple of stonehenge Yahoo group and for more info, Check out:





Pete Lawrence: Time Shift Series Editor says:

Travellers have roamed Britain for centuries and New Age Travellers have adopted many Gypsy traditions in an attempt to become genuine nomads themselves. Challenging mainstream society has been central to their motivation, Inevitably this has brought them into conflict with landowners and the police.

Fergus Colville’s Time Shift documentary takes a fresh look; following the story from the early 1970s search for an alternative way of life, to the present day, where legislation and increasing fragmentation have eroded both the appeal and viability of being a New Age Traveller.

We managed to get some unique and previously unscreened archive of the Stonehenge festivals which helps to give a different perspective on the news reporting of the time.