SchNEWS was born out of the movement against Michael Howard’s Criminal Justice Act of 1994, an act that sought to criminalise everyone from travellers to free partygoers to those doing direct action. It has become an internationally respected newsletter of the anti-capitalist movement providing information for action to activists across the world. It is free and is written entirely by volunteers, funded by donation.


will cover ten years of direct action against capitalism. From the resistance to the CJA and the big anti-roads protest camps thru to Seattle and the anti-capitalism movement, and then the anti-war movement, SchNEWS was there. This book is information for action – it’s about inspiring further direct action with amazing stories from the past decade, as opposed to being some worthy new addition to yer bookshelf – it’s the story of these battles form the inside. Often funny, sometimes deeply moving, this is the story of a decade of struggles of ordinary people fighting to save our planet from capitalism’s desire to destroy it.